Stiffy Supports work on jobsites because
that's where they're designed. Many of the
Stiffy designs came about from significant
input from contractors.

If you have an idea for a Stiffy that will
take care of a project problem, simply
download the easy to use worksheet and
follow the the instructions.

Stiffy Low Voltage Supports
Innovation Since 1977

CEAS Stiffy 200 Series Low Voltage Supports increase productivity, cut overhead and save on labor costs. The 200 series offers many additional labor saving uses and benefits include;

• Nonconductive Plenum Rated 2” wide polypropylene Comfort
   Cradle with Locking Restraint Latch
• Max support spacing: 4-5’ O.C.
• The rigid connection eliminates the need to attach to ceiling grid
   per NEC Article 300-11
• UL listed for use in plenums
• Cradles are available in RED, WHITE, BLUE, GREEN, and
• Ideal for use with CAT 6A and Fiber Optic Cables
Stiffy 200 Series Examples - See the complete Stiffy 200 Series catalog or shop 200 Stiffy’s now.

Stiffy Fig. 200
Stiffy with Comfort Cradle

Stiffy Fig. 202
Stiffy Wall Rack Support

Stiffy Fig. 220
Stiffy Low Voltage Trapeze

Stiffy Fig. 223
Stiffy Wall Mount Trapeze

Stiffy Fig. 222
Stiffy Triangle Trapeze